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Peak Roofing Basics: The Benefits of Installing Tile Roofing

The Benefits of Installing Tile RoofingWalking the streets of Venice, you can’t miss the tile roofs that contribute to the romantic character and distinctive charm of the city. Tile roofs are a classical accent giving buildings a historic look and feel of permanence. It’s no wonder they are a popular choice for higher-end homes in Texas.  In addition to its visual beauty and long lifespan, there are many benefits of installing tile roofing that makes it attractive to homeowners.

Long-lasting and durable

If you’ve viewed homes in the Frisco, Plano, Highland Park area, I’m sure you’ve noticed entire subdivisions that have tile roofs. One reason for the repeated selection of this style of roofing is the longevity of the product. The average concrete tiled roof has a lifespan of 50-years compared to 10-20 years for a roof with asphalt shingles  — and this doesn’t account for the impact from a Texas-sized hail storm.

Whether its the intense summer heat or unexpectedly frigid winter, tile roofs are able to withstand the ever-changing Texas weather pattern. Tile roofing also protects well against extreme winds and insect damage.

Underlayment is key

One of the key differences between tile roofs and asphalt shingles is the underlayment. For asphalt roofs, felt adhesive is typically used to ultimately keep moisture from entering the home or building. Normally, for tile roofs, a higher-end self-adhered weatherproof membrane is used. The weather membrane attaches more securely to the roof (without nail penetrations) and most importantly, has a self-healing property in which the nails used are secured to the tiles providing more protection against water intrusion.

Curb appeal

There’s just something about a tile roof that makes a home look more distinctive and inviting. The cost to buy and install a tile roof is significantly higher than asphalt shingles, but the long-term benefits are a definite factor when looking at the overall life of the roof. This includes considering the longevity, durability, and added home value.

Tile roof options

Clay tile and concrete tile are two common materials used in roofing. However, unless you are living in Mexico or Europe, clay tiles are probably not the best option because of the cost and fragility. Clay roof tiles are the longest lasting but not usually a good choice because of their susceptibility to hail damage and being a poor choice for those living on golf courses. Other alternative materials that look like traditional tiles include fiberglass and composite.

Is a tile roof right for me?

If you don’t already have a tile roof, the decision may be made for you. The structure of your home or business must be able to withstand the weight of a tile roof. Also, there is a great financial investment that comes with transitioning your current type of roof to tile, as well as other benefits of installing tile roofing.

If you are interested in learning more about tile roofs and the installation process, give us a call or request an inspection online. We will discuss the options with you and find the perfect roof for your home.

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