27 Nov

Thanksgiving – “Blessed a Plenty”

“Blessed a plenty.” Isn’t that a great phrase. This sweet customer of Peak Roofing & Construction in Frisco uses this phrase every time I talk to her. I ask how her day is going and she responds immediately, “Blessed a plenty.” It makes me smile every time. What a perfect phrase for Thanksgiving. 

Peak Thanksgiving

We are blessed in so many ways…with our health, our family, our faith, and our business. When thinking what I would write about this week, I challenged myself to come up with a few things we are so thankful for but may not stop and think about often enough.

Thanks for the little things

  • All the little obscure inventions making our everyday life better like scented trash bags, insulated water bottles, Post-It Notes, Carpet Fresh, windshield wipers, anti-bacterial gel, and double-stick tape.
  • Strangers impacting our lives saying “bless you” after a sneeze, the barista at Starbucks spelling my name correctly, the clerk at the pediatrician’s office talking calmly on the phone.
  • The wonderful things Jeff does for our family like taking out the trash, getting rid of cobwebs I can’t reach, and reading the same story over-and-over to our son at bedtime.

Thanks for the big things

  • Our amazing team, including our logistics/office team, magically making things happen; our sales team; gutter crew; exterior painters and interior painters; fence and flooring experts; and all the guys climbing to great heights in unbelievable heat to install roofs. 
  • The great partners in our lives such as our vendor/suppliers delivering quality materials, our financing partner helping customers get their projects completed; and industry associations providing critical updates and education.
  • Our business is blessed. Over the past two years, we successfully changed our name and expanded our service offerings. Thanks to our loyal customers trusting us and supporting our growth. 

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving season and jump straight into the Holidays, we wish our customers, suppliers, and Peak family a wonderful, safe season. 

About Peak Roofing & Construction

Peak Roofing & Construction is family-owned, with 30-years of experience. Bonded, insured and accredited, we provide roofing, gutter, fence, window and exterior facelift services. Guaranteed. Call (972) 335-7325 in Dallas-Fort Worth (residential & commercial) or 281-290-7325 in Houston (commercial roofing).

Joey Riss

Joey is Peak Roofing & Construction’s “renaissance woman”. She is involved in all aspects of the business decision making as well as her office responsibilities and overseeing much of the marketing efforts. Although she lets Jeff climb the roofs, Joey has a thorough understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting. When not in the office you will find her focused on her favorite career, raising their precious son.

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