21 Apr

Facing a Storm Insurance Claim? You’re not Alone

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It’s a one-two punch. First, I see our customers dealing with the shock and damage resulting from storm damage. Then, they immediately turn around and face the stress of filing an insurance claim. The roof insurance claim process can be confusing and complicated. The critical thing to know is if you work with a reputable roofer, you are not alone. 

The Insurance Claims Process

Most of us assume the process will be complicated because we attempted to read our policy with its legal text and disclosures. All the pages of small print only reinforce our fears that insurance companies are determined to manipulate us and only pay what they absolutely must. And, who hasn’t heard a nightmare story from someone they know? Sadly, it’s just the way the insurance industry is right now. I dream of a day when someone steps in and requires plain language and brevity in policies. Until my dream comes true, the best approach is knowing your rights and having honest, knowledgeable people at your side. 

Roofing contractors can be a huge help. Experienced roofers interact with insurance companies daily. Our office manager and I talk with them daily, which helps us understand their processes. Our estimators and project managers interact with insurance inspectors on most of our storm-related roof replacements. Together, the knowledge our team has gained over the years helps us guide you through the daunting process. It also comes in handy with answering common questions. 

Getting Help from Claims Adjusters

The other thing you should be able to count on your roofing contractor to do is letting you know when to call in an outside party to help get the insurance company owes you. Honest roofers, like Peak Roofing & Construction, work hard to make sure customers have the information and documentation needed to file for damage without ever putting their reputation (or ours) at risk by fabricating documentation or not following the law. The other thing is advising customers when they need to take the next step and engage a public adjuster to represent them during negotiations. A certified, bonded, and professionally trained adjuster has no ties to any insurance company and can legally represent you. It is illegal for roofing companies to play this role. 

We do not hesitate to let you know when we believe it’s in your best interest to engage one. Out of the hundreds of claims we work on each year, only a tiny percentage require outside adjusters. However, it’s essential to know, if the homeowner needs or even just wants someone to “fight” for their reimbursement, that option exists. Peak Roofing & Construction knows several reputable ones that have represented our customers well over the years. 

The team at Peak is here to help. Don’t hesitate to call. We want to help you go through the claims process with as little stress and interruption to your life as possible. 

About Peak Roofing & Construction 

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