26 Sep

Roofing and Rain – Do They Mix?

Roofing and the RainSo, your roof is large and we have a crew working hard to install a new roof then one of those pesky Texas thunderstorms decides to blow through. Roofing and rain don’t mix. Now what?

Avoiding roofing and rain

For starters, we do our best to avoid the situation all together. Peak Roofing & Construction subscribes to multiple weather alert systems. Our amazing operations manager, Tony, and I constantly keep a close eye on the weather. Normally, I’ve checked the forecast before crawling out of bed.

If there is a decent chance of rain, we put our crews on alert, so the project managers can adjust their plans accordingly. If the chance is significant, they may postpone the project immediately. When this happens, we realize it’s inconvenient for customers. However, we hope they understand it’s because we want to protect their investment and the safety of our crews.

Dealing with pop-up storms

Inevitably, in Dallas and Fort Worth, and especially Houston there are unexpected rainstorms that come (and go) very fast. These are the tough situations. When we get alerted of a potential storm, we immediately contact the crew foreman (who is frequently already preparing for the storm). Each Peak Roofing & Construction crew keeps tarps on-site in case of unexpected rain. As soon as we know rain is likely, we begin tarping any exposed roof. 

Many times, the storm goes as quickly as it comes. In these cases, the crews will stay on-site or take a break and return to finish working after the water drains off the roof and it is safe for the crew to resume working…but not before. Wet materials increase the danger of slipping and we want to minimize this risk. If the rain is prolonged, it is possible the crew will need to return when it’s safe to work. This is typically the next day for pop-up storms.  

Trusting our crew

Peak Roofing & Construction has the some of the absolute best crews and project managers in the area. Each crew leader has years of experience and knows how to handle various weather situations. I trust them explicitly. They will always err on the side of crew safety and protecting the home or commercial business. This is one of the reasons we can guarantee our workmanship on every project we do.

If you are considering a new roof and are looking for a reputable roofing contractor to care for your home or business, call us today. We’re happy to do a free inspection.

About Peak Roofing & Construction

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Jeff Riss

Jeff has 20 years of sales experience, a love of roofing, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He leads Peak Roofing & Construction’s team but also is known for getting his hands (and knees) dirty on a job site. His passion for customer service, integrity, and quality craftsmanship drives his success. Peak Roofing & Construction is a family-owned, locally-operated business focused on doing things the right way. His deep understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting provide a strong foundation for running the business and serving his customers.

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