05 Aug

Consider This When Picking Shingle Colors

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When picking an outfit, most of us try to avoid combining a top and bottom that clash, right? (Fortunately, when I choose a wrong clothing combo, I have a wonderful wife who lets me know.) Well, the roof is your home’s top, so it needs to complement the color (or colors) below it.

Did you know your roof is up to 40 percent of your home’s visible exterior? It plays a significant role in how your home looks from the street. Curb appeal is a big reason why it is critical to pick the right shingle color. The experts at Peak Roofing & Construction are ready to help with numerous color options in each category of materials: asphalt, tile and slate, and metal.

Shingle color selection

Colors both inside and outside the house need to work together to be appealing. A general guideline is to choose a color darker than the body of the home. Another rule of thumb is the roof color should be different enough from the walls to give a good contrast. For example, dark brown shingles above darkly stained wood siding would be boring; however, those same brown shingles could work well with tan, beige, or white exterior walls. Gray exteriors can be matched with either darker roofs in the same color family, or you can go with a more vivid contrast such as dark maroon or dark green.

Disclaimer: Always be sure to check with your homeowner’s association (HOA) if you live in a neighborhood with design restrictions or a formal exterior color approval process. Many neighborhoods require the roof’s color to be consistent with other homes around it. We frequently see this in planned communities around Frisco and Prosper.

Asphalt shingles, the most popular material choice, are produced in solid colors and blends. Again, contrast is your friend here. A blended color pattern with a mix of earth tones like brown, tan, rust, and gray adds visual interest to homes with walls in one of those solid colors. On the other hand, that pattern does not look good over multi-colored brick. It’s like wearing a patterned shirt with differently patterned pants. Even I know that’s a fashion faux pas.

If you want help determining what roof color will be best for your home, the experienced professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction will be happy to give recommendations. Call us today for a free consultation.

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