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Roof Maintenance Requires Specialized Tools and Training

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Roof Maintenance Tools and TrainingNeglecting your roof can be a very expensive mistake because a new roof could end up costing several thousand dollars for materials and installation. Roof maintenance is the step you take to protect your roof from wear and tear and premature aging. At Peak Roofing & Construction, we can provide the maintenance and inspections you need for proper roof care.

Important Maintenance for Your Roof Includes:

  • Treating roofs for moss and algae
  • Clearing debris, overhanging tree branches, and loose shingles from the roof
  • Evaluating the condition of the roof, checking for water damage and exposed areas
  • Cleaning downspouts, gutters, and other hard to reach areas
  • Testing the stability of chimneys, parapet walls, pitch pockets, and more

The specialized equipment used to clean and maintain roofing in Frisco can be expensive. Rather than investing in expensive roof cleaning equipment yourself, call a professional to provide the services for you.

Consider the Trickiness of These Situations:

  • If you have waited to treat your moss or algae problem, then you might need to use a chemical solution and then install zinc strips.
  • Have you ever been tempted to use a pressure washer on the roof? When unsuspecting homeowners use this equipment for their roof maintenance, they often find that the pressure forces water under their shingles.
  • Clogged gutters are the cause of water problems in the basement, on the side of the house, and even to the roof sheathing and rafters. Wet leaves can be troublesome to clean out on your own.

Let Professionals Climb Onto the Roof for You

Roof maintenance often requires equipment and training that most homeowners don’t have at hand. Don’t let this stop you from providing your roof with the tender care it needs. You do not need to stock your shed with expensive tools that you’ll only use a couple of times a year. Hire a professional like the roof experts we have at Peak Roofing & Construction. Contact us at (972) 335-7325.

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Jeff has 20 years of sales experience, a love of roofing, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He leads Peak Roofing & Construction’s team but also is known for getting his hands (and knees) dirty on a job site. His passion for customer service, integrity, and quality craftsmanship drives his success. Peak Roofing & Construction is a family-owned, locally-operated business focused on doing things the right way. His deep understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting provide a strong foundation for running the business and serving his customers.

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