03 Mar

Post-Storm Gutter and Roof Damage

roof and gutter damage, gutter install near meTwo weeks ago, snow-covered our rooftops and most streets were impassible. Fast forward a week, and many of us are out running in shorts. Welcome to Texas. Signs of the snow disappeared quickly, but the roof damage stayed behind. Looking at the weather forecast, we knew what was about to happen. The rain was on its way. What caught many by surprise was the additional twist of a Thursday night hailstorm in Frisco, TX.

The Peak Roofing & Construction trucks were busy. The other inspectors and estimators and I came in and out of the office, restocking repair supplies and extra tarps as we helped families prepare for the next round of storms. My concerns started long ago when the first sleet and snow hit. Based on my experience, I knew that customers would need our help as soon as the snow began melting. 

What caused my roof damage?

As the snow melts, it creates pools (also called bellies) of water in the valleys and crickets. In the rare occasion when a roof wasn’t designed correctly, water may collect in ponds. Regardless of what you call it, the result is the same. The water sets and works its way into the roofing structure, eventually causing significant damage. When things begin to melt, the water has no way to flow off the surface, so it tends to stay and cause destruction. 

Another problem with melting snow is ice dams. When the snow starts to melt during the day and then the temperature drops at night, refreezing the melted water causing little dams of ice to form at the roof edge if the water cannot run off the roof. When this happens, the cycle repeats itself, causing the melting water to back up under the shingles near the roof edge and then freezes. Then the water expands in the gaps and ultimately causing roof damage. 

Water can infiltrate your underlayment (unless you chose to install a self-adhered waterproof barrier which is uncommon in Texas) and quickly begins to deteriorate the plywood roof deck. This is in addition to any leaks caused by deteriorating boots and seals.

Did the snow damage my gutters?

In Texas, we see most snow-related gutter damage caused by unmaintained gutters. If gutters are clear and your gutter system is designed correctly, rarely does snowmelt cause issues in Texas. Clogged gutters mean water runoff has nowhere to go. Once saturated debris and runoff weigh down your gutters, they can sag and pull away from your home. A simple cleaning could avoid expensive repairs and replacements. The key is not getting snow off the roof. It’s about making sure the water has a clear path to leave. 

If your home or gutters received damage from the February storms, give Peak Roofing & Construction a call. I or one of my co-workers will gladly come out and inspect the damage and give you our honest opinion on the best way to correct the problem. 


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