22 Aug

New Siding: Fall is the Perfect Time to Plan

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New siding takes research.There are many reasons to get new siding. Some are moving from vinyl siding to cement fiber siding (commonly called Hardie Siding, Hardie Board, or Hardie Plank) and because it is a superior product and there are new building codes that call for it. Others simply want to give their home a fresh look or replace well-worn siding that can’t be repaired. Regardless of the reason, it’s a big investment and doing research goes a long way in helping make a wise decision.

Reasons for replacing siding

Angie’s List is a reputable source for home improvement information. They put together a list, 12 Telltale Signs That You Need New Siding, that sums up most of what we hear.

  1. Bubbling or blistered siding
  2. Hail damage
  3. Outdated color
  4. Wildlife damage
  5. Dry rot
  6. You have a new addition
  7. Cracked siding
  8. Loose siding
  9. You’re sick of staining
  10. Your energy costs are out of control
  11. Interior paint and wallpaper are peeling
  12. Extremely faded siding

Areas to research

Once you’ve made the decision to add new siding or replace existing siding, you should organize your research. I suggest the following categories.

  1. Energy efficiency. Typically, the material you pick (combined with the insulation product) determines the energy efficiency. Stucco or cement siding are two of the most efficient. Natural siding (such as wood logs) is among the least.
  2. Cost. Vinyl is typically the most cost effective. Stone, slate and wood shake materials are on the higher end.
  3. Style. The options are so broad I’m not sure how anyone chooses. Our professionals can get you started and I also recommend looking at photos online and in magazines.
  4. Durability. Although metal and engineered wood boast the most durability, vinyl siding is a close runner-up.
  5. Maintenance. I’m a huge fan of vinyl siding because it does not require repainting and has the least maintenance. Concrete siding also is a great product for the same reason.

The best starting point is a call to us. We will walk you through each step and help you determine the ideal choice for your home’s exterior. Since all of our work is guaranteed, you know your siding project will result in your complete satisfaction.

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