07 Nov

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Roof Snow and Ice in DFW Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Right now is the perfect time for a pre-winter roof inspection. Okay, I know it’s been a few years since we’ve had a “real winter” in DFW. So, two schools of thought: 1) Global warming is impacting us, and we’re in for another mild one or 2) We are way overdue for a biggie. I’m personally forecasting it will be a little of both and a lot of freezing rain, which means you need to weather-proof your roof.

If we are hit with a decent size winter storm, the freezing rain and snow bring conditions your roof will likely not like. Snow or ice can result in ice damming and slow melting (saturating) moisture. The best approach is to make sure your roof is ready for before the storm hits.

Preparing your roof for winter

Check your ceilings. Don’t skip any rooms. Leaks tend to show up in unlikely places including closets and water heater storage spots.  

Fix every leak. I’m always surprised at how many people put off roof repair because the spot on the ceiling is small. Big mistake. Any water entering your home can quickly get larger. It also can be a more significant leak that’s not visible but growing mold in your walls or insulation. I’ve seen tiny leaks running in between walls take three years to show up as visible mold.

Clean your gutters.  Clogged gutters and downspouts are nothing but trouble. Water can back-up and do damage to roof edges and excessive water left sitting around your foundation can lead to issues.

Ask Peak to do it for you. We offer a free annual inspection so if you’re the least bit hesitant to climb on your roof or simply don’t want to do it, give us a call. Often, a simple leak can be fixed quickly and is affordable.

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Jeff Riss

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