07 Aug

Is the Chimney to Blame for Your Roof Leak?

chimney repair in dallas txWhen you see a Peak Roofing & Construction team working hard in your Dallas area neighborhood, if they aren’t replacing a roof due to Texas-sized hail, it’s likely they are working on or near the chimney. The most common place for roof leaks is the chimney area. Even more specificly, the back of the chimney. But why is that, you ask? There are a couple common reasons that chimneys cause roof leaks on the DFW homes we serve.

Chimney cricket failure

Chimneys are extremely susceptible to leaks because of how they are angled against the slant of the roof. When water rolls down a roof slope and hits the backside of the chimney, the water will normally channel around the chimney and run off the roof. A roof cricket (or roof saddle) diverts the water to do this. The cricket is a section of roof running perpendicular to the roof’s main slope. Crickets are recommended by home inspectors due to current building codes. In fact, if you’re looking to purchase an older home, you may need to install them as part of the purchase agreement. We see this often when repairing roof leaks in older homes of Dallas and surrounding cities.

When the cricket is absent or faulty, the water rushing down the roof runs into the back of the chimney and eventually works its way into the framing. This causes rot and leads to deterioration of the chimney framing. In other words… the roof leaks, and you’ve got a big problem on your hands. It’s time to consult an expert on your chimney repair.

Flashing failures

Another cause of chimney leaks is when the roof flashing around the chimney is too low, damaged, or improperly installed. As a result, a Texas “gully washer” will overwhelm the flashing and go over the top of it. If this happens with every major storm, the wood framing and sheathing repeatedly gets wet and dries out, leading to dry rot. Again…a big problem.

How do I know if my chimney is affected?

Unless you enjoy climbing on your roof, taking advantage of a free inspection from a reputable roofer is the best approach. They will closely inspect the roof and look for signs of failed flashing and worn-out crickets.

The experts at Peak Roofing & Construction are here to help. Call us and schedule your free inspection today. Doing some basic maintenance now may avoid a major repair project down the road.

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