26 Feb

Is a radiant barrier roof right for you?

radiant barrier installation dallas and friscoLiving in the Dallas -Fort Worth area, someone likely has knocked on your door (even if you have a “no solicitation” sign) trying to sell you on the benefits of a radiant barrier roof. Hopefully, you did not take everything they said as gospel, because many disreputable companies oversell the benefits. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of benefits – Peak Roofing & Construction has recommended and installed radiant barrier roofing for homeowners all over DFW. But, there is also a lot of marketing exaggeration out there.

Quality radiant barrier roof products are designed to reflect heat. Typically, radiant barriers look shiny and slick, almost like aluminum foil before it gets crinkled up. If you see the underside of a roof system with shiny panels instead of insulation paper showing, it’s likely radiant barrier.

How does radiant barrier work?

Keeping hot air from entering the attic space remains the goal. In most roofing and ventilation system designs, the heat enters the attic space and is absorbed by the hard surfaces on the underside of the roof. This includes the insulation, ductwork, framing, boxes of comic books, and old lamps waiting to come back into style. Through a (hopefully) well-designed ventilation system, the fans and vents remove the heated air and moisture from the space before it enters the main living area. Radiant barrier, on the other hand, reflects most of the heat from ever entering the primary attic space. Basically, attacking the problem before it starts.

Benefits of radiant barrier

The obvious benefits stem from the cost savings of reducing the amount of cooling necessary during the hot summer months. You can find articles claiming the cost savings ranges from small to significant. However, from my perspective, living in North Texas guarantees us more warm days than cold, and I like the idea of any proven product that reduces the heat coming into my home. The added bonus…it doesn’t take batteries! Seriously, there are no mechanical parts to break or require maintenance.

The downside of radiant barrier

Honestly, living in the McKinney, Frisco, Plano and surrounding areas, there is little downside to radiant barrier. The biggest criticism tends to be it only helps during warmer times of year. Again, not a big issue in Texas. Occasionally, moisture can collect on the radiant barrier sheets during colder temperatures when there is inadequate ventilation. In these cases, the ventilation is the problem, not the radiant barrier.

Varying effectiveness showed up as a potential negative point in research I reviewed. However, Peak has not received this as a complaint from any of our customers, so I don’t personally put a lot of weight behind it.

Is radiant barrier right for you?

For this area of the country, it is typically a wise investment. Some argue over the actual savings amount, but rarely does anyone in a warm climate say it’s not worth taking a serious look. The professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction are available to discuss the various options that exist for your specific roof design. Give us a call and or request a free roofing inspection and we will gladly come up and inspect your current roof and ventilation system.

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