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How to Tell if Your Roof Has Hail Damage

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Roof Hail DamageOnce a storm has passed, it’s vital to the security and the structure of your house that the roof is carefully inspected. Hail damage does not always appear obvious; small tears or cracks in roofing materials allow water to enter the attic and cause destruction. If your home has recently weathered one of the severe storms common to North Texas, look for the following signs of roof damage when inspecting your home.

Cracked Shingles

Even the smallest crack in shingles can allow water to seep into your attic. Look for streaks on the surface of the shingles. If a streak seems to appear in the middle of a shingle and run to the edge, there may be a crack. Some cracks are wide enough to be seen from the ground—these must be replaced as soon as possible because of their severity.

Missing Shingles

Large hail can tear shingles off the roof, leaving the roofing paper exposed. This type of roof damage can be considerable if the decking is cracked or exposed to the weather. In this case, emergency roof repair is needed.

Homeowner’s insurance policies mandate that homeowners must do what is necessary to mitigate or prevent further damage. Stapling a tarp to the roof may or may not stop additional rain from entering the attic if more rain is on the way, but professional roofers should be called as soon as possible to stop the damage for good.

Broken or Damaged Air Turbines

Turbines help remove super heated air from your attic. Hail can damage a turbine, preventing it from working properly. If the damage blocks the mounting hole, further damage with undoubtedly occur—the overheated air now trapped in the attic causes the plywood decking to delaminate and the shingles to deteriorate rapidly.

A damaged turbine will not turn properly or not at all while the wind is blowing, which is the best way to check it for damage. A Frisco roofer can replace air turbines to keep your attic cooler in the summer, thus helping you save money on utility costs.

Call at the First Sign of Damage

If you notice damage to your roof after a hail storm, you need the help of a professional roofer. In fact, many insurance policies will allow you to call a roofer first instead of waiting for an adjuster in an emergency. Call Peak Roofing & Construction at (972) 335-7325 for a storm evaluation or repairs.

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