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How to Manage a Multi-Family Roofing Project

multi-family roof replacement in frisco, tx“I’ll never do that again.” It’s one of the common phrases we hear when talking to multi-family property managers. They say it when describing the time they selected a roofer on price alone. Mistake. They quickly learned the money they saved paled in comparison to the cost of upsetting their residents. Peak Roofing & Construction has handled multi-family roofing projects in Frisco, Plano, Allen and all throughout North DFW for years, and we like to think we have a better approach.

Prioritizing the needs of residents

What makes Peak Roofing & Construction different is we create our project plans by incorporating three different perspectives (the residents, property management, and our installation team). We identify the needs of residents and the property management first. Then, we put together a plan for the best way replace the roof with the least amount of disruption.

Working with the property managers over the years, Peak developed several best practices to make multi-family roofing projects in DFW go as smoothly as possible for residents. Below are tips for property managers facing an upcoming multi-family roof replacement project. Half of a project’s success hinges on how the roofing company plans the work. Many roofers plan a project to make it easiest (and cheapest) for them…at the cost of unnecessary headaches for residents and property managers. Call Peak Roofing & Construction to learn how we do things differently!

Communicate in advance

Communicating to residents doesn’t start a week beforehand (unless it’s an emergency). Ideally, start communicating a month or more in advance with the effected residents. Then send multiple reminders leading up to the actual roof installation. Use every communication method possible so no one gets skipped. Text messages, fliers near mailboxes, voice messages, or a happy hour combined with a community meeting. Whatever works for your apartment community.

The more notice you give, the more time residents have to make plans to be away or choose to relocate their pets during the project. These little things can become big complaints if not addressed proactively.

Communicate throughout the project

If possible, put a reminder on doors two days before work begins in their section. Never assume something is “not a big deal.” If rain pushes the schedule back a day, let residents know. Make sure they understand who to contact with concerns or questions.

Set realistic expectations

Multi-family roof replacement projects are loud  when the team is at work, and their may be space and parking disruptions forcing residents to use an alternate entrance temporarily. At Peak we will always do our best to minimize disturbance, but some is unavoidable. So, being honest and upfront is the best approach.

At the same time you deliver the downsides, reinforce the positive points. If some residents are experiencing leaks and this corrects the problem, let people know. Remind them the new roof is an investment by the owners to ensure the property stays both safe and nice for their benefit.

Never too many signs

We’ve learned rerouting residents to their homes results in frustration. To mitigate the frustration felt by residents, be sure to provide clear signage. It goes a long way in lessening the irritation.

Considering a multi-family roofing project?

Let the professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction share how we successfully install and maintain multi-family roofs in Dallas-Fort Worth. Call us today.

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