18 Sep

How to Lower Your Roof Deductible in Texas

insuranceRoofing in Texas changed this month. New legislation puts added pressure on Texas roofing contractors to follow the law requiring insurance deductible collection. In other words, to stop offering “free roofs.”

Although this is a positive step towards reducing unethical roofing practices, it places extra financial burden on homeowners expecting their deductible to be fully covered. So, what can homeowners do to protect themselves?

Here are some ways to save money and lower your roof deductible in Texas:

Choose the right deductible

First, call your homeowner’s insurance provider and talk about adjusting your deductible. Many providers are separating hail damage from other types of property damage. Because it’s often hidden in the details, many customers don’t realize there is a difference until they file a claim.

For example, we replaced a roof last week for a family that thought their deductible was 1% of their property value. When they called to make the claim, they were told it was 2% under a hail disclaimer. It was several thousand more than they anticipated.

Knowing how much you’re willing (or capable) of paying out-of-pocket or from your “rainy day fund” is important. Once you know that amount, you can set up your policy to match it.

Consider financing your roof replacement

If the unexpected happens and you find yourself needing to cover a higher deductible than anticipated, there are options. Affordable roof financing covers your deductible up front and allows the ability to make payments over time. This lets a homeowner replace their roof immediately before additional damage occurs.

Some people simply choose to postpone the replacement. The danger with waiting is any damage occurring as a result of roof leaks from an unrepaired roof won’t be covered. The insurance companies consider the damage to be a result of negligence based on failing to care for the roof in a timely manner.

When it comes to your roof and exterior, we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. Peak Roofing & Construction’s inspectors help identify the damage and meet with the insurance adjuster when requested, to ensure Dallas homeowners and business owners get the claim amount owed under the terms of their policies.

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