29 Feb

How to Get an Energy Efficient Roof

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How to Get an Energy Efficient RoofWhen you are looking to get an energy efficient roof for your home, you may be a bit confused on where to begin. The climate, your home’s design, and many other factors contribute to how energy efficient your roof can be. Peak Roofing & Construction is always happy to assist our customers in getting the most energy efficient roofing system possible. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve optimum energy efficiency as quickly as possible.

The Right Material

Depending on where you live, it may be beneficial to use one type of roofing material over another. While asphalt shingles aren’t the most energy efficient material, they can be very cost effective. In warm climates (like Texas) a brightly colored asphalt or metal roof can help keep your home cooler during the summer. Discuss your options with one of our experienced contractors.

The Right Maintenance

You can have the most energy-efficient material made, but if you don’t upkeep it properly, you will get a lot of heat and cooling that will escape through your roof. Did you know that a poorly ventilated or leaky roof could cause your utility bill to go sky high? You could be paying a lot more each month without even knowing. With an annual inspection and regular roofing maintenance, you can assure that your roof will be as efficient as possible.

The Right Contractor

Not just any roofing contractor can get what you need when it comes down to energy efficiency. The experts at Peak Roofing & Construction can help you with everything you need to have the highest quality roof that will actually save you each month.

For more information about how to get an energy efficient roof, contact Peak Roofing & Construction. Call (972) 335-7325 today for more information

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