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How does Hail Size Impact your Roof

how hail size impacts your roof

Source: National Weather Service

Despite one big hail storm (and one big threat) in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex already in the record books for Storm Season 2019, we are not quite in the clear. If you live in Allen, Frisco, or McKinney you may be bracing for the next storm while still dealing with the aftermath of previous hail damage. So how does varying hail size impact your roof differently?

First, there’s the obvious and easy-to-spot damage. It could be dents in your car, or damage to siding. Another sign is seeing your landscaping being beaten up and torn apart. If you’ve witnessed this kind of damage, in all likelihood your roof may have sustained significant damage as well.

To give you an idea of how widespread hail storms are, in 2017, Texas had 747 reported hail incidents according to NOAA’s National Weather Service Annual Severe Weather Report. In fact, do you know who was #1 on the list for the most hail in 2017? You guessed it…Texas.

Identifying hail damage

The best, and easiest, way is to contact a reputable roofer. Professional roofers are going to provide a free inspection and give you their professional opinion without requiring any type of upfront commitment. Going with a roofer like Peak Roofing & Construction that is known by local insurance companies will likely make things go smoother as well when it comes to working through addendums. Please note, it is illegal for roofers to act as adjusters (read our blog “Is Your Roofer Breaking the Law”) but roofers can provide documentation and information to help you determine if it is likely that an insurance company will cover the damage.

Hail size

The size of the hail that hit your roof combined with the length of time it hailed determines the damage.

Small hail

Hail that is a penny, nickel, or quarter-size can inflict significant damage to asphalt shingle roofs. If reported hail is less than one inch, but you are seeing damage to other areas of your property, get the opinion of a reputable roofer with a reputation for honesty. It’s this size hail where I see the most questionable reports from dishonest roofers trying to take advantage of homeowners.

One to two-inch hail

Often described as a half-dollar, ping-pong, or golf ball size, damage from hail that is one to two inches can be easily identified when standing on the roof or using a drone. It is evident when inspecting the shingles closely or looking at metal fixtures on the roof such as chimney caps.

Large hail

Anything greater than two inches is considered large hail. This can be described as anything the size of a tennis ball or baseball. If you hear reports of hail this large in the vicinity of your home, you should call for an immediate inspection. At this size, it is easy to have your shingles compromised and the potential for leaks is high even if they have not become apparent inside your home yet.

What to expect from your inspection

Depending on the roofing company, you can expect a professional inspector to either climb onto your roof or use a drone to inspect and document the damage. Ideally, you should be home at the time of the inspection to discuss the findings or a debrief can be scheduled for after the inspection.

Many roofing companies, like Peak Roofing & Construction, will typically volunteer to return when the insurance company adjuster comes to do their inspection. This ensures the roofing company and insurance inspector are on the same page and both are seeing the same damage. This isn’t required but it can be helpful in moving the claim along more quickly. After it is determined your claim will be covered, then the repair or replacement is typically scheduled.

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