22 Dec

Happy Holidays: Santa Loves a Good Roof

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Peak Roofing & Construction family! I love this time of year. One of the things we love to do is look at Christmas lights, roof displays, and decorations. With Jeff being in his truck driving all over North Texas visiting job sites, he often comes home talking about a decorated home “we just have to see.” And, off we go. 

This year, I decided to share a few of my favorite roof-top decoration displays. (Forgive me if I don’t have personal permission for every photo, but believe the people that went to so much effort to spread their joy won’t mind me sharing with our Peak friends too.)

Santa peeking over the roof

santa roof displayThere’s nothing like a larger-than-life Santa to help remind the kids that Santa is always watching. If you think you can never get enough Santa, you may want to get this one. It’s from Temple Display

“Over the top” Santa. Cute but maybe not wise. 

huge santa roof decorationWho wouldn’t love a 30-foot Santa strapped to their favorite pub? This loveable, inflatable Santa is reportedly the biggest Santa you can buy in the U.K. Read the news story for yourself. However, even though Santa caused damage to their roof and building, the Christmas-loving owners still keep him towering above the neighborhood.

Pure joy in Prosper

prosper Christmas displayFor those fans of ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight mini-series. This home was featured in 2013. The address is 891 Bridgeport Drive in Prosper. One article reports since this photo was taken, the family added even more lights and features. Check out their site



Big Tex started as a Santa

For those into Dallas history, this house is a must-see. The house in the 3600 block of Southwestern Boulevard in University Park features quirky Christmas collectibles, including the roof-mounted head of Big Tex. Yes, it is the original Tex, which served as a Santa before moving to Fair Park. Read the article.


We wish everyone a safe and blessed 2020 Holiday Season. Thank you for your support and loyalty this year. It has been felt throughout our team as we continue to serve our customers and support the North Texas area that we are proud to call home. 

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