04 Nov

Hail Damage: Can I Get a New Roof?

Welcome to Peak Roofing & Construction’s video blog series. Our goal is help inform and educate people in the Dallas – Fort Worth and Austin area on topics affecting the roof and exterior of their home or commercial property. 

Video Transcript 

Welcome back to our video series. Today’s topic is, “Hail damage and insurance claims. Can I get a new roof?”

Texas is consistently the number one state for hail damage. Will insurance pay for a new roof after a big hailstorm? My name is Jeff Riss. I’m president of Peak Roofing & Construction based in Frisco, Texas. I’ve worked with all major carriers. Here’s a few things to consider.

Every insurance company is different. They have their own policies, procedures, and guidelines. Also, every insurance adjuster is different in assessing damage. What we look for when we inspect your roof is if the roof is watertight; if your shingles or tiles are missing; and granule loss. Of course, the biggest factor when assessing hail damage on your roof is how much damage is on the roof when an insurance adjuster is on your roof.  

They will look at it from a repair factor as well as a replacement factor. Typically, on a repair factor you will have one to two hits on each side of your roof. In this case, they will give you an allowance for that. When a replacement is justified, they will do a test square which is a 10’ by 10’ area. Each carrier is different on how many hail hits needs to be in that test square. On average, it’s anywhere from 7 to 10 hits. These factors of hail hits are based on the age of the roof as well as the pitch of the roof. 

As you can see from this test, where there are numerous hail hits on this slope. I’m going to show you an example of what those look like and what the insurance adjusters circle. 

dallas roof with hail damage and adjuster circles









See this hit here, as well as these multiple bruising marks here?

Dallas roof with hail damage, insurance adjuster notes









Another consideration insurance carriers take into account is the type of material that’s on your roof. Do you have an asphalt shingle? Do you have tile such as concrete or clay? What about a metal roof? A metal and standing seam? The age of the shingle? The quality of the shingle? The pitch of the roof? These are all factors involved when insurance carriers assess your damage. My recommendation is to find a reputable roofer such as Peak Roofing & Construction. We guarantee our products and our workmanship. Please call us. We will be more than happy to come out and assess the damage on your roof. 

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Jeff Riss

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