24 Oct

Exterior Paint: Pick Your Perfect Color

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How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Color in DFW

Choosing the Right Home Exterior Paint ColorI love color. If I could talk Jeff into it, we would change our exterior paint trim color with every season just like the flowerbeds. That’s no easy feat in DFW. Maybe that’s an idea for some inventor out there. Let’s create a paint specifically designed to go on smoothly in minutes and then peel off easily and completely after a few months.

There are so many color combinations I enjoy that bring out different feelings. All you have to do is visit the Home Exterior section of Sherwin-Williams to see hundreds of great combinations. I love the country colors but also get excited about neutrals and the white shades with strong accent colors. So how do you decide?

Tool to help you find the perfect color

Today’s technology makes it easy to select the perfect color. Trust me! I’ve had more than one color combination come back to haunt me.

Our exterior painting professionals encourage customers to spend time online looking at trends. It helps you easily articulate the look you want to achieve. Then our seasoned exterior painters locate the exact shade you desire.

Here is one of my favorite tools.

PPG has quality paint and is one of the brands recommended by our painting crews along with Sherwin-Williams. They have a great tool called The Voice of Color. You can upload a photo of your home and then select colors to paint on your home. Or, if you are in the early stages, you can pick one of their photos similar to your house’s style and (virtually) paint away. There are many other similar tools available online as well.

Regardless of the colors you pick, we can’t stress enough the importance of going with a good paint. Quality products go on smoothly, and they retain their color for longer periods of time and resist fading. It’s worth the additional investment.  

The color is definitely the “stand out” part of painting a house, but I urge you not to take shortcuts on the preparation side of the project. We commonly see poor paint jobs that result in a home needing new paint faster than it should. Take time to make sure the cracks are caulked, peeling paint is removed, and the area around your home is covered and protected.

If you are considering painting your home, call us for a free estimate. Our professionals will meet with you and provide suggestions on what will help make your home reflect your style. And, all of the services provided by Peak Roofing & Construction professionals come with guaranteed workmanship so you can rest assured your job will be done right.


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