13 May

Do I get a new roof? How Insurance companies think

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hail damage insurance adjusterIf your neighborhood gets hits with large hail, do you know if your insurance company will pay?

Calling a roofer first

First, don’t feel like your first call needs to be to your insurance company, especially if you’re not positive there’s enough damage to justify a claim. Many times, calling a reputable roofer is the best step. Not because it’s good for the roofer, but experienced roofers typically know whether an insurance company will cover damage, and when a full roof replacement is justified. Remember, roofing companies like Peak Roofing & Construction work with insurance companies daily. With years of experience, we know how most insurance companies work, and what they look for when inspecting a home. The benefit to you is having the information the insurance company needs before you call to file a claim.

The insurance inspection

Each insurance company is different. Most large companies use a combination of their own inspectors and independent contractors. Once you report your claim, the inspector sets up a time to visit your property. While you don’t need to be there, it is your choice. Many times, your Peak Roofing & Construction inspector/estimator can arrange to meet the inspector on your behalf. This gives us the opportunity to hear the adjuster’s feedback firsthand and point out things we might see that the inspector might miss. The adjuster is looking for damage to both your roof and exterior.

roof with significant hail damageHow much damage is required?

The general rule for roof damage is at least 7-10 hail fractures within a single “test square” (10′ x 10′) on a section of your roof. If there are a sufficient number of breaks among several test squares on different parts of your roof, the inspector recommends a full replacement to the insurance company. After particularly large storms most inspectors will only perform four squares (one on each slope) because they don’t have the time to do several before they have to move on to their next appointment. In some cases, the inspector request only a partial roof replacement. Typically, this is seen when heavy winds and hail result in damage in one direction on a steep-slope roof.

Will my rates go up?

Unlike auto insurance, filing a claim does not automatically raise your rates. Homeowners insurance is based on your location. So, even if you don’t receive a roof replacement, your rates may increase due to the number of claims around you.

Call us

Just like the adjuster works for the insurance company, we work for you. We are here to help you provide the information you need to ensure you are receiving the full amount under your policy that is required to do the repairs correctly. We only use quality materials and our workmanship is guaranteed. Call us today.

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