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Most Creative Roofing Jobs in History

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Creative Roofing JobsAt Peak Roofing & Construction, we always strive to be on the cutting edge of modern residential and commercial roofing. However, it is always good to take a look back and learn from our past. Here are some of the most interesting and creative roofing jobs completed in history.

Denizen of the Deep

Something definitely out of the ordinary: a twenty-five foot long shark is crashing head first through the roof of the local radio presenter, Bill Heine. The shark ‘crashed’ into his roof in 1986, and is still there today. Bill Heine had his artist friend, John Buckley, and local carpenter, Anton Castiau, create the sculpture in his roof as a political statement inspired by “a few bottles of champagne.” The blue, grey, and white colored shark faced multiple attempts by the city council to have it removed, however, with Bill’s law background, he was able to keep it, and have it refurbished in 2007.

Raining Rocks

1500 years ago, the abbey of Saint-Maurice was built at the base of a cliff as a safe retreat. Over time, the erosion of the cliff has sent rocks and boulders tumbling down into the abbey, destroying many of the ruins. Architects from Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes have created a “Rock-Proof Roof” to cover the area that receives the most damage. 170 tons of stones the size of basketballs have been scattered across the entire roof to prevent strong wind gusts from damaging it; this gives it not only a cobblestone look to the top of the roof, but casts a unique reticulated shadow across the archaeological site.

Colors, Shapes, and Patterns

Tile roofs in Europe can be quite exquisite. The lattice-like greens, blues, and burgundy tiles criss cross their way across the Hospices-de-Beaune. Founded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, it was a hospital for the poor but now is a museum that hosts wine auctions. The mesmerizing zig-zags and diamond patterns of St. Stephen’s Cathedral consist of 230,000 glazed tiles on a roof so steep that only the rain can wash it. Coats of arms and a two-headed eagle also adorn this 14th century roof.

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