18 Dec

Commercial Roofing in Frisco – Is Single Ply Right for You?

If you maintain a commercial building or have a large home with a low-slope roof, you likely use some type of commercial roofing product. If so, at some point you must decide to go single or multi-ply. If you ask my son, single or multi-ply he’ll tell you about the cute bear family on the television commercial that only needs to wipe once. If you ask someone over 50, they associate it with Mr. Whipple and the “Don’t squeeze the Charmin” ad campaign. But, for commercial roofing in the Frisco, Lewisville, Carrollton areas and beyond, single ply may be the perfect choice for your “delicate surface”. 

Example of single play commercial roofing options by Peak Roofing in Dallas, TX

Single Ply Options

In the commercial roofing contractor world, there are typically two single ply camps – TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) and PVC (poly-vinyl chloride). Both have their own benefits and unique characteristics. Each product gets the job done. They keep water out of the building and reflect heat if a light color is chosen, helping with energy efficiency. TPO and PVC both offer a 20-year system warranty which is superior to a roofing warranty because you never want “finger pointing” between the roofing company and the manufacturer if there is ever a leak.

At Peak Roofing & Construction, we have installed TPO and PVC commercial roofing in Frisco and other North Dallas communities for decades. We’ve seen and roofed every type of commercial building there is. And what we’ve learned is that it’s wise to take a case-by-case approach. Let’s quickly look at the benefits of each type of single-ply commercial roofing system.

TPO Roofs

The more trendy is TPO roofing. Why? Because money talks. TPO is cheaper. For many building owners, the upfront cost becomes the deciding factor. The materials used to create TPO cost less than those used in PVC. Manufacturing costs are lower as well. As a result, TPO holds a large percent of the market share.

PVC Roofs

For those willing to spend a little more and want to save in the long-run, PVC roofing makes the most sense. The big reason PVC continues to hold a strong market share is PVC gives the benefit of being Class A fire resistant, in other words, TPO burns and PVC does not.  Some building types require Class A material, so PVC is the only single-ply option available. For other construction types that don’t require fire resistance some insurance companies offer discounts for PVC roofs because of the fire resistance it provides. So check with your insurance provider to see if over the long term it makes fiscal sense for your building. Whatever makes the most sense for your commercial roof, Peak Roofing is there with first-rate products, installation and follow-through.

About Peak Roofing & Construction

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