20 Nov

Commercial Roofing – Coping vs. Fascia?

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Snap-on Coping
Coping system designed for single-ply roofs.

Long before I started roofing, commercial roofing contractors in the Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Austin areas installed metal coping on single-ply, low-slope roofs. And it worked great! But times – and technology – are changing. 

Metal coping is tried and true

Historically, metal coping was used on top of parapets with multi-ply roofs and then on single-ply roofs after they were invented. Pieces of bent sheet metal form a continuous cap to cover the top of the parapet wall. (The parapet wall is the vertical wall adjacent to the low-slope roof around the building’s perimeter.) The only drawbacks to metal copings are the expense and the potential for leaks at every seam. The brittleness of older membrane products made it impossible to bend them 90-degrees. As a result, the membrane would be applied up to the top of the parapet wall, and then the metal coping capped the wall. 

The metal coping method is still used on some buildings today, but it’s greatly reduced. Today, metal coping works more as a “belt and suspenders” approach for building types wanting extra protection. 

Fascia is the new standard

The advent of highly flexible membranes, withstand a 90-degree corner, eliminates the need for metal coping. With these new technologies, the membrane extends up the back of the parapet as before, but now can extend over the top of the parapet wall and torn down on the building’s exterior face.  The membrane is then attached to the building’s exterior face, eliminating the need for metal coping. Instead, a metal fascia strip is screwed to the face of the building to cover the edge of the overlapping membrane. 

Why fascia is better

There are two main reasons that fascia provides a better solution. First, it’s cheaper. Fascia material costs much less than metal coping and less material is required. Secondly, there is less chance of leakage with a seamless membrane overlapping the top of the parapet.

Which solution is right for you? Call Peak Roofing & Construction. Our professionals provide a free inspection through DFW including Prosper and Lewisville to determine which is best for your specific situation. 

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