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Celebrate World Water Day with a New Rain Barrel

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rain barrelDo you have a rain barrel yet? If not, some archaeologists would claim you’re behind the times. The first rain barrels showed up on the scene more than 2,000 years ago. Of course, a few things have changed since then, including the invention of plastic and the fact most of us use them to treat our lawns instead of bathing or taking care of livestock.  Modern rain barrels are making their mark as residents embrace conservation and keeping their gardens healthy during water restrictions.

March 22 is International Worldwide Water Day. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) introduced it 28 years ago. So, to celebrate this big day, why not go online and order a rain barrel for your home or commercial building?

Rain barrels – All the rage? 
Okay, maybe calling them trendy is a bit far-fetched. However, water shortages and recurring water restrictions in Dallas area communities have caused a small resurgence in rain barrel popularity. And, of course, it’s the environmentally friendly thing to do. So much so, that conservation-friendly communities like Frisco and Plano make them available at reduced prices to encourage residents to do their part.

Local communities selling rain barrels – Deadline is May 3
Frisco is currently partnering with Rainwater Solutions to subsidize the cost of rain barrels. You can purchase them online at the Rainwater Solutions website until May 3. The cost is $70 for a 50-gallon barrel. Plano’s annual sale has already closed but the city encourages Plano residents to take part in the Frisco event. For DIY’ers, some communities, including Dallas, offer classes on making your own rain barrels at a fraction of the cost.

Why use a rain barrel?
Once you purchase or build your barrel, the rest is free. That beautiful roof (hopefully installed by us) magically collects the water for you. No batteries or mechanical parts to wear out or fail. Typically, the rainwater flows into your gutters and collects in the barrel. Without a barrel, the water normally channels to streams or storm drains. But with a barrel, it becomes useful water ready for use between rains or on days when your plants look thirsty but your community restricts watering.

Jeff and I have rain barrels installed at our home. They were easy to install with lots of YouTube videos to walk you through the process. It may not seem like it makes a huge difference, but I must admit, every time I use our collected water, it does make me think…every drop does count!

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