25 Apr

Benefits of a Roof Ventilation System

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First and foremost, a home without proper roof ventilation will have difficulty releasing stale air from indoors and allowing new, fresh air to flow inside. Roof vents are considered relatively simple technology, but effective. These units protect the homeowner from moisture and heat buildup by providing an escape for indoor air. Furthermore, vents prevent potential damage, including premature aging or cracking.


One of the most unique benefits of a roof ventilation system is the number of choices homeowners can select from. There are different styles of vents available, including ridge, static, and gable vents. To protect the home from dust and rain, ridge vents run along the peak of the roof and increase airflow. Static vents are designed as holes in the roof that ensure proper circulation throughout the whole home. Their designs include roof-line and eyebrow vents. Gable vents, on the other hand, are posted at the gable ends of an attic and are often used in conjunction with other vent systems for maximum effect.

Breath of Fresh Air

While some homeowners may like their house to be toasty and warm, stale, balmy air is a bit too much to handle. Poor indoor air quality is a leading factor for breathing-related illnesses these days. A proper roof ventilation system, especially intake vents made of aluminum or vinyl, prevent dust, snow, and rain from entering the home. These substances all contribute to mold or mildew growth, pollens, and airborne contaminants indoors.

It’s important to discuss a potential setup with a trained professional to ensure the most benefits possible. Speak with an experienced roofing technician for advice and recommendations before moving forward with a roof ventilation system.

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