21 Oct

An Asphalt Roof Installation Can Make a Fashion Statement

Roofs have always been necessary to protect a home from the elements, but the way they looked was never really seriously considered as a part of the overall design of the home. Times are changing. The roofs on new homes are becoming fashion accessories. Peak Roofing & Construction has completed numerous asphalt roof installation projects for many happy customers.

Design and look

Given the amount of space a roof occupies, it should enhance the exterior design of a home. Roofs no longer come in only black and gray. There are many color options available. Some people choose different colored shingles for their roofs. There are numerous design choices possible in an asphalt roof installation. For example, asphalt shingles are very versatile and can be made to look like cedar shake and slate.

Standing the test of time

Being able to endure the test of time is very important for a roof. No one wants to regularly fix or replace a roof on their home. The development of new roofing materials can help ensure maximum durability.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another factor that plays a role in the choice of roof type. A roof can help keep a house cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and reduce overall energy costs. Frisco roofing company can advise you on the most energy efficient options for your roofing project.

At Peak Roofing & Construction, we offer many types of roofing services including asphalt roof installation. Contact us today at (972) 335-7325 for a free inspection.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “What’s up with roofs? Design and durability,” by Jeffrey Steele, February 15, 2013

Jeff Riss

Jeff has 20 years of sales experience, a love of roofing, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He leads Peak Roofing & Construction’s team but also is known for getting his hands (and knees) dirty on a job site. His passion for customer service, integrity, and quality craftsmanship drives his success. Peak Roofing & Construction is a family-owned, locally-operated business focused on doing things the right way. His deep understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting provide a strong foundation for running the business and serving his customers.

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