15 Aug

Algae, Fungus, or Moss? Time for Roof Cleaning

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roof cleaningRoof maintenance stinks. No one wants to get out the ladder and spend time cleaning off dirt that can’t be seen from the street. But we know part of the joy of home ownership or owning commercial property is ongoing maintenance. If you have trees nearby, roof cleaning becomes even more important.

Really dirty roofs are unsightly. No one wants to be the neighbor that other people moan about while walking their dogs. So, for the pure sake of neighborhood relations, you might want to keep your roof looking presentable. But there are other more important reasons to do routine roof cleaning.

A dirty roof can lead to a damaged roof

Dirt and debris are expected. And, in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, we typically get enough rain to wash most of it off. The concern comes when other nasty, natural elements are in play. I’m talking about algae, fungus, and moss. Should one of these decide to take up residence on your roof, you have some extra work to tackle it quickly. Or you can always make one call to us.

Algae, fungus, and moss

They won’t immediately hurt the structure of your roof but it affects the aesthetics. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association’s (ARMA) Algae Discoloration of Roofs report, algae spores are transported by wind or animals. They can quickly spread throughout a neighborhood or row of commercial properties. The good news is a good cleaner and some work can eliminate it.

Lichens are algae and fungus combined. They are a simple slow-growing organism/plant that attaches to roofs, walls, and trees. They need to be thoroughly killed as they have roots and can quickly return.

Moss is an actual plant requiring a lot of moisture. It has a shallow root system and can spread through airborne spores.

Tips for cleaning

  • Regardless of which of these ugly friends finds its way to your roof, you should clean your roof with an appropriate cleaner, designed for that purpose. A water and bleach mixture is common but not the best for surrounding landscaping. We recommend a bio-degradable option.
  • Cover or water down all landscaping prior to applying chemicals on the roof so they are less likely to absorb them.
  • After cleaning is complete, hose down all landscaping again to wash away chemical residue that may have landed on them.
  • Pick an overcast and cooler day to do the cleaning. This will keep the cleaning solution from drying before it can breakdown the materials.
  • Wet roofs can be very dangerous. If you are not 100% comfortable or if your roof has a steep slope, consider hiring a professional.

Professional cleaning by Peak Roofing & Construction

If you are comfortable climbing on your roof, then cleaning it is typically straightforward. However, if you do not feel sure-footed and need help, our professionals are available to assist. Advantages of hiring a professional roofer to clean your roof include:

  • Safety. We have the equipment and training to safely work on roofs of all slopes and materials.
  • Products. Biodegradable products are used to help protect plants and the environment.
  • Preventative maintenance. Our trained professionals will be able to spot areas of the roof that need to be repaired (such as loose shingles) before they cause damage.

Roof cleaning maintains the appearance of your home or business and protects your investment by extending the life of the roof. Call us today and schedule your cleaning and free roofing inspection.

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