05 Jun

8 Key Questions to Ask a Roofer

the right questions to ask a roofer for roofing repair in Dallas Ft. Worth and HoustonOver the last few months, we have seen media coverage about roofing scams in Texas increase. Unfortunately, the outcry was not heard at the state capital in Austin as the Texas House of Representatives chose not to pass legislation to help protect consumers from roofing scams. As a result, it is more important now than ever for you to thoroughly interview a prospective roofer because knowing the right questions to ask a roofer could save you time and money.

I asked our experts to share what questions they receive the most, and which ones are the most important when weeding out the fly-by-night companies. Here’s what they said.

What the experts say – 8 key questions

    • Where is the roofing company located?
      “Avoid roofing contractors that just came into town for the storms. Drive by and check out their business address. You want a contractor who will be around if issues arise down the road.” -Tony Kovaks, Operations Manager
    • If the bid is significantly lower than their competitors, do you know why?
      “I’ve spent 18+ years writing insurance claims in my former life as an adjuster, so I have extensive knowledge of cost basis for many trades. When I see estimates/bids way too low, my ‘red flags’ go up as to what they are doing different…and I suspect illegal activity! – J. Smith, Inspector/Estimator
    • Is the company insurance and bonded?
      “For your protection, you need a roofer with BOTH liability and worker’s compensation coverage. It’s the combination that protects your property and any unforeseen damage and injuries that might occur. Read our recent blog to understand why.” – Geen Smith, Inspector/Estimator
    • Is the roofer offering to “take care of” or “eat” your insurance deductible?
      “Roofers making this offer are frequently involved in insurance fraud. Talk directly to your insurance company and understand exactly how the roofing company can cover the amount.” -Tony Kovaks, Operations Manager
    • What is the roofer’s reputation in the community?
      “Check online reviews (such as Google and Facebook) as well as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Look to make sure there are local reviews for your area.”
    • Is the contractor fulfilling your needs…or trying to oversell?
      “While contractors should make you aware of your options, no one should feel pressured to purchase something they don’t need. Trying to pad a job by selling additional items is unethical, and you should get a second opinion.”
  • Is the salesperson knowledgeable and transparent with the full scope of work?
    “There is a lot more to a roofing system than what’s seen by the naked eye. You are entrusting your roof to this person, so making sure they truly understand the intricacies, like proper ventilation, is important.”
  • Will the roofer stay in contact with you? Will they return phone calls, text messages, and emails?”  
    “I find a lot of people struggle with a lack of communication from past contractors. They call us looking for something better. And, while problems can occur, keeping someone ‘in the loop’ goes a long way and ultimately affects overall satisfaction when the project is complete.” – J. Smith, Inspector/Estimator

More information

If you need more information on how to select a roofer, the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) has published a list of 16 questions for consumers to ask when interviewing roofers. They also offer a way to validate that a roofer is active in the North Texas roofing market.

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