23 Jun

7 Things to Know About Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing - Prosper, TX, metal roof repairBesides looking super hip, sleek, and modern, metal roofing has many other advantages. Let me walk you through all it has to offer.

Metal Roofing is Durable

Durability might be a no-brainer since metal roofing is metal, but let me tell you why. First, and this is big: It usually lasts from 40-70 years. Talk about heavy duty and made to last — and maintenance is minimal. It also comes with warranties. Other perks include being impervious to damage from pesky insects like termites (no wood to munch on), so it can’t rot. Finally, it’s virtually fire-proof. How’s that, for starters?

It Stands Up to Mother Nature

Generally, meteorologists can give us reliable forecasts. However, sometimes Mother Nature just takes it upon herself to go haywire, especially in Texas. Fortunately, metal roofs are tough and endure all the insanity. When it rains and snows, all it just slides right off the roof. This means you won’t have to worry about accumulation. Strong thunderstorms? Piece of cake. Speaking of, if you have the assumption that metal roofing attracts lightning, that’s not the case. Some studies have shown that it isn’t any more susceptible to attracting lightning than asphalt. According to the Metal Construction Association, it doesn’t “increase the risk” of a lightning strike. Now, if it’s struck, it’s less likely to catch fire; there’s no wood used in the installation, which otherwise might make your roof a tinder box. One more thing: lightning usually seeks the shortest path to the ground, so telephone poles and trees are more likely targets. That should be a comfort.

It’s Energy-Efficient—and Green 

Metal roofing does something that might seem counter-intuitive: It reflects heat rather than collecting it. You’ll not only spend less on air conditioning but also save energy. Also, if for some reason you want to replace your metal roof, you can sell it at a metal recycling outlet. If you had an old asphalt roof, it would be hogging a lot of space in a landfill. It makes you think.

It’s Lightweight and Easy to Install

For the most part, metal roofing is lighter than a concrete roof. So you won’t need to add more support. Even better, you’ll spend less money without compromising the safety of your home. Also, metal roofing usually comes in panels. So when you’ve got a professional on the job, your roof will be up and on in no time. Quick installation is essential if you’ve got a storm on the way.

You Can Use Metal for Low-Slope Roofs

Do not think you can only install a metal roof on a steep slope. If you have a gently pitched roof, it’ll also work for you. The continuous panels that extend from the ridge to the eaves are raised and tightly sealed together. This way, it resists water. However, some slope is required to make sure that the water can run off efficiently.

We Can Install a Metal Roof Over an Existing Roof

Yes, this can happen, but building codes is the first thing to check out. Now, while I recommend removing your old roof, I know good and well that tearing it off can increase the price of the job and be a big mess. That said, here’s the next thing to know about getting it installed: Make sure it’s vented to avoid moisture build-up because, without a vent, you’re likely to get mold. In some cases, you can install a metal roof over the furring strips. The metal will be raised, creating a ventilating air pocket, which is what you want.

Metal Roofing is Not Necessarily Noisy

You might think that metal roofing will make a ruckus when it rains. Not so. When installed correctly by a professional, it won’t be any noisier than any other roof; the insulation and attic act as buffers to keep the sound out.

At the end of the day, metal roofing is rock solid. It will, though, cost more. If this is the way you’d like to go, make sure you shop around. Hire an honest roofing company that provides quality materials and offers guaranteed satisfaction. You’ll be glad you did.

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