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When you hire Peak Roofing & Construction as your local roofer in The Colony, TX, you know that you are getting high-quality service. We take a broad range of factors into account when building or repairing your roof. Considerations such as climate, budget, and durability are a top priority. Our licensed roofing contractors have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you choose the perfect roofing material. We have roofing options to fit any style, design, or aesthetic. If you would like superior service in The Colony area, contact Peak Roofing & Construction today!

Quality Roofing Services for Residential and Commercial Customers in The Colony, TX

Just like your car, your roof requires regular maintenance and care. Finding one roofing company who can assist you with all aspects of your roof, including your gutter system can be difficult. Thankfully, the Peak Roofing & Construction team has extensive experience with leak detection, repair, gutters, and much more! With our full suite of roofing services, you only need to know one number! Call (972) 335-7325 to schedule your appointment.

Our roofing contractors are both bonded and insured to provide you with the following services:

Residential Roofing in The Colony, Texas

Choosing a new roof or deciding on roof repair options can seem confusing. We always have expert contractors available to discuss all your options. We offer a variety of roof systems to choose from, including asphalt roofing, tile and slate roofing, and wood roofing.

We want to give you the best roof possible, which is why we make it a point to understand your needs and your preferences. Our expert roofing contractors will discuss the following with you when you call:

  • Roofing types – which options are best for your home?
  • Best brands available
  • Pricing options for every budget
  • Energy requirements and energy-saving features
  • Ease of installation
  • Roofing reliability
  • Performance levels
  • Fire ratings
  • Improvements that qualify for deductions/rebates

Commercial Roofing in The Colony, TX

Commercial roofing with Peak Roofing & Construction in The Colony, Texas is efficient, fast, and affordable. We only use the most durable, technologically advanced, and tried-and-true materials for all our roofing projects. Our roofs are proven to protect homes during fires, storms, heavy wind and rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and more. To protect your business during any unexpected situation, choose roofing from Peak Roofing & Construction.

We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for:

The Colony Metal Roofing Contractor

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding metal roofs. For example, many uninformed individuals claim the sound of rain on a metal roof can be deafening. In reality, that noise will evenly distribute and disperse throughout the home, leaving only a peaceful drumming. Many homeowners also believe that metal roofs limit their aesthetic options. This simply isn’t the case. Metal roofs come in many styles, types, and colors – some even mimic wood or shingles.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional metal roofing contractor. For instance, you’ll receive quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and an unparalleled level of knowledge. At Peak Roofing & Construction, our expert metal roofing contractors can easily recommend various styles and sizes to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. A metal roof will last a long time if properly maintained. Don’t fall prey to myths about metal roofs — contact a metal roofing contractor.

The Colony Roof Leak Repair

Most leaks’ sources are difficult to find, because they tend to originate some distance from the point where the damage becomes visible. Water typically enters the roof through worn, broken, or even missing tiles and shingles. A leak can also originate where nails have come loose, or in corroded spots of the roof. Once the water comes through the roofing, it flows along the sheathing, rafters, and topside of the ceiling. Eventually, the leak will find a spot to seep through, causing extensive water damage.

At Peak Roofing & Construction, we excel at finding the source of the leak before it causes any further damage. We use the latest technology, tools, and training to find the problem quickly. You can help by noting any water marks, stains, or discoloration. If it’s still raining, consider putting down a bucket until we can arrive. You can rest easy — we have you covered!

About Our Community in The Colony, Texas

The Colony is home to The Colony Five Star Complex, an athletic complex completed in 2003. The complex allowed the city to receive the designation of Sports Illustrated‘s “50th Anniversary Sports Town of the United States.” The Colony, with a population of over 40,000, is a continuously growing town, having only been established in 1969 when home developers Fox and Jacobs purchased the land and planned a “dream city,” comprised almost exclusively of single family homes grouped as a “colony.”

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